Unanswered questions

It is every man worst nightmare dating or marrying someone with a crazy past..because in the back of your mind you still feel she is still the same person she was back then…

You will be constantly competing with shadows trying to impress .trying to be the best thing that ever happened to her…bt how can you compete with what you really don’t know? ???.vanity of vanities

You get an innocent girl you marry her the world changes her and suddenly she becomes your worst nightmare. ..is there any value in marriage at all….do we really have to marry…in marriage who benefits most. .

Should we just follow what Apostle Paul suggested ..(it is better that you stay alone. .)..

You make children the government dictates on how you should discipline them. .if you discipline them in a way they don’t approve they refer to it as abuse. …if your kid becomes a menace in the street it is all blamed on poor parenting. ..confusing it is. .

Christians suggest we use our knees in dealing with every challenges in our lives..the world suggest we must be in control of our environment. .

The bottom line is the world is rotating too fast for us..lots of wisdoms is at our reach..and most of the times this knowledge is contradictory depending on who you believe you are..

If you want to achieve anything out of this life..choose one path of life and stick to it. .shun all the other voices contrary to your beliefs. .thus you will live a pure life …

Indecision is a killer…you can’t serve two masters..there is one God and one truth..all the other wisdom or knowledge the world is giving is useless…

Seek God with all your heart and you shall live…worry not about the world ,its pleasures and the worldly demands or else you will fail on worshipping God fully….

Do not give your life fully to anything in the world. .devote your life to be Christ like..do not expect anything from the world. , .marriage wont give you happiness and fulfillment only God can give you that if you put him first in your life…

Money alone wont give you happiness. .if God is not part of that money ..woe to you for many are your sorrows….

Lets learn to submit to God so he can reveal his secrets to us..so our lives can be protected. ..

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