Licensed to be different

You are not to curse the deaf, nor put a stumbling block before the blind, but you shall fear your God. I am Adonai .
Leviticus 19:14 TLV

In this day and age whereby faults of other people , scandal and misfortunes of people are always on the headlines due to miscalculation or overlooking certain laws it really requires discipline on our part not to partake in mockery of an unfortunate individual.

The Good Samaritan story gives us a good example ,Most of us have become gurus in giving excuses of not being involved in helping the ignorant people,soul winning every one is too busy to be involved..but are always there to give reasons why your friend was responsible for their break up . misfortune

The case of Job gives us a certain scenario …Job is in pain .. picture this his wife suggested he curse his God and die …his friends came to accuse him of sinning …they actually said he deserved the punishment ..

How many times do we kill hurting people with our words ,it’s high time we learn as much as the blind and deaf are disobeying all the natural laws or God’s ordinances we are instructed to correct them with love

It’s a pity most people are backsliding because we are quick to give judgement…leaven of Pharisees..this year we are to rise above cursing the deaf and putting stumbling blocks on the blind.

Being Christ-like calls for compassion in place of judgement. Wisdom is acquired in compassion. Jesus once said wisdom is acquired where there is mourning..when he was on the cross instead of cursing he pleaded with God to forgive his tormentors.

We have a similar case in the old testament whereby prophet Elijah was surrounded by an army..his servant was shaking in fear ..he prayed so God could open the servant eyes to see the army of Angels on their side.

I am challenging you my friend learn to pray for God to open the eyes of people around you ..Pray on their behalf for God to open their ears so they could understand..

We have a role to play…I consider it my duty to be a watchman for everyone around me..God is changing their lives ,their vision to be restored .,sharpen their discerning senses on your knees

We are licensed to be different ,we can’t afford to be dormant,a watchman’s duty won’t allow me to just sit and do nothing.

Rise above the norm.. mockery and backbiting is not in our DNA…be involved leave no chance for the devil to bring terror in your family and on your friends.

God gave us power to destroy the works of the enemy..What kind of soldier are you if you laugh ,curse and with your actions are a stumbling block to your fellow brother..

But then you argue that they don’t allow you to help…or that they have pride or whatever reason you might give ..wch cld be valid from the modern way of thinking..but I bet you no one can stop you from praying for the needy ..

It’s time to conquer..Rise above mediocrity we only rise by lifting others ,helping others with their yoke is what separates us from the masses..



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