Confess unknown sins

If any of the common people sin by violating one of the Lord ’s commands, but they don’t realize it, they are still guilty.
Leviticus 4:27 NLT

The word of God is just ,sin has no excuse ,whether you sin knowingly or unknowingly you are guilty . This statement seems harsh isn’t it ,but if you following my previous blogs when you look at the Bible ,it is describing a Character of God ,God is holy in him there is no partiality, sin is sin there is no excuse for it ,once guilty you pay the price.

By nature sin is engraved in us , none can claim to be Holy for we only attain holiness through the blood of Jesus which washes us clean. Righteousness by works is impossible we need the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Just like it was a common practice in the Moses era , for Moses and Aaron to sanctify themselves first before appearing before God ,before giving your petitions to God we need to confess our sins ,ask for forgiveness for the sins we commit knowingly and unknowingly.

When you approach God in prayer,you don’t want sin to be blocking your prayers ,for our infirmities block our prayers ,.Be ye holy as I am holy the Bible says …

Jesus went on to say if you bring a gift to house of God and you you and your brother are quarrelling and there is unforgiveness ,you should leave everything on the altar and go to your brother to ask for forgiveness. Only after your conscience is clean can your service be acceptable.

Being at oneness with God means being obedient to him in truth and in the spirit .As Christians our lives should reflect God for the benefit of unbelievers . Jesus once said ‘I and my father are one’ ,the Trinity ,we are the body of Christ so we reflect him ,wherever we are.

Your lifestyle is a true reflection of your master ,we have a role to play .Ask for forgiveness for misrepresenting Jesus by your life .

Being angry for more than a day over a trivial issue is a misrepresentation of Christ who dwells in us ,Staring at woman lustfully that’s misrepresenting Christ who is in us .Fear that’s a misrepresentation too ,when last did you kneel down pleading to God for forgiveness because the idea you are giving heathens about Christ is wrong.

Christ dwells in us ,and we dwell in him whatever we declare on Earth in him it comes to pass,so why are you still declaring failure in your life . Guilty ,guilty the world is looking at us to understand Christ but we are misrepresenting him.

I choose victory over this evil called conformity , divorce is getting common in Christian homes , adultery , homosexuality all these funny things and we are to blame .It is your duty to reflect him to the world, sanctify yourselves , sanctify God we are designed for greater purpose .

You need time alone to reflect on the character of Jesus Christ ,and pray for courage and wisdom to conquer every evil keeping you in bondage.

Father forgive me for the sins I commited unknowingly ,forgive me for keeping quiet when I was supposed to talk ,forgive me fighting when I was supposed to be making peace ,forgive me for my wavering faith I did not project you by not excercising Faith in trying times ,Father forgive me for consulting from people when all you expected from me was a prayer ,forgive me for giving advice which was ungodly , forgive for taking decisions without consulting you I have erred only you can make me whole again.

For we are one with Christ a kingdom divided falls , let’s be vigilant in our service as we give our bodies as living sacrifices.


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