Choose Wisdom

I call to you, to all of you! I raise my voice to all people. You simple people, use good judgment. You foolish people, show some understanding.
Proverbs 8:4‭-‬5 NLT

“To you, O men, I call, And my voice is directed to the sons of men. O you naive or inexperienced [who are easily misled], understand prudence and seek astute common sense; And, O you [closed-minded, self-confident] fools, understand wisdom [seek the insight and self-discipline that leads to godly living].
Proverbs 8:4‭-‬5 AMP

Welcome back ,as you know mostly on this page we discuss Wisdom how to attain wisdom .Still the main focus is to deduce all our facts from the Bible.Like it or not it is wisdom that sets you apart not educational background or material possessions.

Wisdom is really an important subject which we try to explore always .Today I had to paste 2 different translations for the same verse for it to be easy to digest .

One thing you should have noticed is that the Bible is always stating that Foolish people are noticed in their actions ,how they walk or behave in situations whereas the wise normally it is their language and approach that sets them apart.

The Bible is always stating that Wisdom can be attained by simple men and that is our goal to reveal the mystery .If simple man can attain wisdom and the foolish turn from their way the world will be a better place.

The Amplified version here is describing a common man as someone easily misled or influenced,naive and inexperienced so the Bible here has shown us that Not all men are the same , man full of doubt is a common man .An inexperienced man is always seeking confirmation from friends or men before taking any action Joyce Meyer wrote about this dilemma in her book Approval Addiction I love her books.

The approval dilemma is a reason why did not do certain things for God ,because you feared appearing like a fool to your image .It could be certain things you did not do because of your status .In my previous posts I am always reminding you that societal status are just but an illusion your goal in life should be in alignment with God’s design for your life . Appraisals from human beings are not to be trusted , Reaching your full potential is something you have to do , with or without anyone praising you. Jesus had 12 disciples his goal was to save the whole world ,the same 12 people did change what the world knew.

John the Baptist once questioned Jesus on his ministry ,he send his disciples to ask Jesus why his disciples were not fasting .Jesus here leads by example in his response to John the Baptist . He simply told them that they had no reason to fast.

Common men face the problem of identity , because they want to be identified with certain material possessions, certain social status instead of them giving identity to these things. God made the garden of Eden ,he made everything else but he left the part of naming things to Adam .Adam that hasn’t changed a bit ,you are the one who gives meaning and names to these items and not vice versa .That’s why here the Bible is saying use common sense.

Lot , his wife and kids were given a simple instruction not to look back but the wife was still attached to the past. You don’t need to be attached to all these things , Abraham was told to sacrifice his only son ,he took the task without questions asked .What you are attached to determines how much of an asset you are to God.

You came alone and naked to the world naked and naked you will go .,so why are depressed you don’t have to be depressed just do your main duties as a good steward God is big rewarder for the diligence.

I AM THAT I AM Jesus said , you are not your money , you are not your friends , you are not where you were born ,you are not your town,you are not your clothing ,use common sense you are bigger than all that , you are not your complexion , you are not your qualifications all these things don’t define you ,you are not the house you live in ,seek knowledge it is your real self which attracts these things after the real self has been transformed and not the other way round .it is written in the Bible ” seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added into you ” but now many preachers are teaching people that to be rich should be your goal .

I am not against prosperity gospel ,but the real self is what God wants first ,he blesses everyone who ask for blessings ,but it is our heart he is after ,the real self should understand his true identity ,your position in Christ determines your success.

I will continue this topic some other day


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