Lack is not your portion

The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need.
Psalms 23:1 NLT

Welcome back again ,Today I want to discuss on the subject of lack please feel free to add anything on the comment section .Lack is unpleasant ,you can’t marry if you can’t afford to pay lobola right .Lack drives people to go for shortcuts ,but why do people lack ?

Can we trace lack to a violation of certain laws ?

If we find people lacking some wisdom or knowledge to deal with a pressing issue , who is to blame?

Weak people are normally known for blame shifting , they fail a subject at school they blame a teacher ,if they divorce they blame the former spouse weaklings isn’t it .

Here David is saying ‘the Lord is my shepherd ,I have all I need ‘ If he is a shepherd all it means is as a sheep you don’t choose where you will feed ,drink and sleep all that your shepherd takes care of isn’t it.

David is making one point clear here ,with God as your shepherd the word lack disappears from your dictionary ,that means lack results from living outside the influence of a shepherd .

In the book of Proverbs it’s written that whoever lacks wisdom must simply ask mmm .So that brings us back to my question ,why do you lack ? Or why are you permitting lack to rule over your life ? Do you lack happiness, but why aren’t you happy ?

Lack is derived from moving away from the Shepherd’s influence ,why do you keep on looking for answers from elsewhere, is your quest for answers leading you to ruins turn back to God . All the answers are in the Bible.

Jesus said that we mustn’t divorce that’s a biblical perspective so divorcing on its own it’s a sign that someone followed advice from heathens,So you are not happy in your marriage ,but did the Bible say we should marry for happiness? Funny isn’t it , marriage is obedience to God but isn’t it the person next door is seeking fulfillment from a spouse or a career … Wholesome was never intended to be attained from a relationship ,career or any other material object ,you were created whole or fully packaged but you are now attached to certain things thus you have given them power over your life .So is it that you lack something or you have given other people and goods to be gods in your life.

The moment you start chasing your own interests and not of your creator , terrible things are bound to happen .God is my shepherd I am simply his flock ,my fulfillment comes from belonging to him ,in Him there is life and I am content with that.

Jesus Christ died on the cross so that we will have our original identity in God,have you ever imagined how it would make God feel if you will let him play his role in your life as your Shepherd ,all the problems you are facing today they will vanish .

Pray to God ,you need to have a proper revelation of him ,have time in Prayer and I repeat Pray !he will reveal himself to you .Pray , sanctify the Lord your God you have all you need in God.


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