Man after God’s heart vs popular with people

Welcome back again to my blog it’s always a pleasure to share this message concerning our true identity in Christ. It is because of this message that we have meaning in life, for life is basically measured by how much God loves you , God’s love determines our attitude in life .

We don’t preach the feel good message , or bring motivational quotes but this message is real for Jesus Christ is alive ,he is changing lives today the lame are walking and the sick are being healed because of this message.” For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life” we are drinking from this living waters that quenches thirst like nothing else .

Life giving waters ,that breaks yokes and any form of slavery ,we are free from the slavish mentality for our being is not determined by man but by God himself , He himself vowed to establish us ,our foundation is unshaken ,we live everyday witnessing his miracles ,he raised us from the mud ,from the yokes of adultery , homosexuality and drug abuse he picked us up and chose us to represent him .I am privileged to be identified with Christ Jesus Amen.

Today I am going to share about David a nobody God raised for the occasion ,A son of Jesse who had no qualities of a leader in his father’s eyes but God had a different view of him .What people think and see in you should not determine your destiny ,God sees us differently , You are not to be scared of the arrows that flies by day or night for He is your refuge Hallelujah.

We see here Samuel telling King Saul sad news indeed ,that his kingdom had come to an end ,King Saul was in a position of authority ,he had people worshipping him , but he had just disobeyed God to please people ,King Saul had been given a Victory with God but has been instructed on what to do after the victory but because of people he went overboard. Disobedience is always punished in the Bible , especially when you disobey an instruction to please people or because you think you have experience . God wants his people to fully depend on him ,the time you decide you can take certain actions , against God’s wishes because it suits you ,you get punished. Moses was punished ,he did not take Israelites to Canaan because of disobedience. We continually see God’s stance on disobedience ,he hates the proud

To be a man after God’s heart we need to do his will , God is seeking for the obedient to his will. In this crazy times whereby human consensus is the order of the day ,He still demands obedience. The world need to hear the truth , Homosexuality is still a sin , fornication and adultery still a sin but how many are indulging in such acts .On the news we hear of Pastors who are gays and you wonder from which Bible they are preaching from.

Me and you we have a big role to play ,the world is hungry for the undiluted word of God , motivational speeches are not helping the reason people are indulging in self destructive habits yet they are Christians is simply because their hearts are not reformed by the truth about God.

Pure preaching brings repentance , conviction of sin ,If our preaching is not leading people to pure repentance then we are leading them to hell .Churches are becoming popular marketplaces for annointing oils ,books ,mantles ,annointing waters and Annointed t shirts Jesus never preached such a gospel .Never seen where it was written that Jesus said if you buy my handkerchief you will get healed or protected from the evil spirits. His aim was to make disciples who knew God .

I am always emphasizing that God values relationships ,he loves making covenants with his creation .We all have contracts of some sort ,He loves bargaining with his creation ,Samson was told not to shave his hair or drink strong drinks Abram told to sacrifice son . Wisdom is power God is calling you today for your own personal covenant ,but are you ready???

Stop sending people to hell by being unfaithful with the word of God ,are you a people pleaser or a Man after God’s own heart. You need to decide whether you are going to be a slave to popularity or whether God will boast about you . God boasted to Satan about Job ,Job lost everything but he maintained his identity in God.

An unwavering identity in Christ is a must to us who are witnesses of God to the world , God is still God whether you are sick or healthy ,he is still the same whether you are rich or poor ,he is the same who was before you were born ,and is still the same today .He never changes but are you consistent ? Are you consistent in your prayer times Prayer obedience to Christ , thus every day it must become a habit to Pray .

You need to repent today choose God ,choose Wisdom never let anything ,be it work ,family , relationship take a bigger priority than doing God’s will. God’s will first and yours after . Repent for why must you hold grudges ,don’t you see yourself in the person you hate . At times bad things happen in our lives to bring us to our knees so we have time to enquire from God .

We notice in the book of Prophet Hosea he was instrumental to marry a harlot , every time he would cry concerning the woman God would tell him that Israelites were doing the very same thing to him ,so he was supposed to call Israelites to repent. Don’t fit in but take your life as a stage set for you to bring people to repentance.

What Saul failed to do due to his need to impress people ,David did because David feared God . David’s fear of God was his strength .The book of proverbs says that “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”

Honour God with all your heart , he protects his own.


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